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What is the Oudh fragrance?
Oudh (agarwood) is a dark, heavy woody resinous element and is one of the rarest, most expensive, and luxurious natural ingredients in the world.
Why are oudh fragrances the best?
Oudh fragrances are often associated with luxury, elegance, and sensuality. They are popular among royalty, dignitaries, and the wealthy.
Where did Attars originate from?
From the rose-scented attar of Arabia to sandalwood scents from India, the world of authentic Arabic perfumes is a rich and varied one. The intense and complex aromas of these perfumes have been prized by royals and commoners alike for centuries, with trade in the precious scents often playing an important role in regional economies.The use of perfume oil is an ancient tradition in the Middle East that is still widely practised today