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How to use Bakhoors?

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How to use Bakhoors?

Heavenly smelling wooden chips, soaked in rich perfume oils? Yes, we’re talking about Bakhoors!

Bakhoors are unique wooden chips, soaked in fragrant perfume oils, or other naturally sourced ingredients, from flower oils to resins.

These wood chips are burnt in charcoal burners. This, in turn, unleashes a deep, rich, and woody aroma.

Be it a special occasion, or just a need for some downtime at home, this tradition of burning Bakhoors is extremely common in the Arabian culture. 

Now being adopted by multiple households of varying cultures, Bakhoors are extremely relaxing and therapeutic. 

How to use Bakhoors?

What you will need:

  1. Bakhoor Chips
  2. Incense Burner/Mabkhara
  3. Charcoal discs

The way to use Bakhoors is to burn them, the same way we burn natural resin incense.

Using a traditional Bakhoor burner is the best way to go forward.

Light the charcoal tab with a match/lighter, and make sure you do it on a fire-proof surface.

Once the charcoal has turned red is fully lit, place it in the mabkhara using a pair of tongs.

Sprinkle some Bakhoor on top of the charcoal, and you’re good to go!

The rich, aromatic oils in the Bakhoor would evaporate due to the heat, releasing heavenly, exotic fragrances that fill up the entire home. 

Bakhoors are used on many occasions. Be it a wedding, a festival, or just a much-needed relaxation time at home. In the Arabian culture, Bakhoors are also passed to guests, for them to scent their clothes, hair, and hands.

This traditional culture is believed to be integral to hospitality and shows respect for the guests.

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