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Why are certain fragrances expensive (Oud, Musk)?

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Why are certain fragrances expensive (Oud, Musk)?

Ingredients are the main reason for the exorbitant high prices of perfumes. The essences of unusual roots along with the scarcity of the ingredients causes the price to rise. The following ingredients are the highest ranking in regard to price per kilogram: 

Ambergris is a secretion produced by the digestive system of some species of sperm whale. This ingredient produces a “marine faecal odour”, which after a while ages into a sweet earthy smell. A kilogram of these costs no less than 5000 USD.


OUD is a dark, fragrant resin emitted from the Agarwood tree as a defence mechanism to starve mould infection. The Oud contains notes of musky, woody and nutty scents. The cost to extract these oils is very high. Hence, the ingredient costs 3000 USD per kilogram.


ORRIS is the scent that is produced by the iris root and evocative of the smell of violets. It has a soapy, sweet, floral and earthy notes. The extraction of the oil called “Orris butter” can take anywhere from 3 to 5 years. The cost of a kilogram of this is 3000 USD. 

The amalgamation of these ingredients into the process of making a perfume, is what causes the rates to be high alongside producing a premium scent.

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