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5 tips before buying fragrances

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5 tips before buying fragrances

Buying a new fragrance can be quite the leap from the comfort of your usual one. Your scent
is your aura, a familiarity that becomes a part of who you are. Just one whiff of it takes you
back to memories – some bitter, some sweet, all of which make up an important part of you.
Does that mean never taking that leap of faith?
Trick question.
Buying a new fragrance must never be a leap of faith. General awareness of simple tips to
use while doing so is what makes the difference.

Experts at Birra have curated a list of 5 of these-

1. Certain ingredients are more expensive. Jasmine, for example – each flower needs to be picked individually by hand. That’s 5 million Flowers to make 1 of oil.

2. Select a fragrance that compliments your lifestyle. Finding it tough to stay awake at the office? Avoid rose-scented fragrances and try to find something stimulating like black pepper in your fragrance to keep you up and about.

3. Use white paper blotters while testing new fragrances. Perfume reacts differently with the skin due to heat, friction, and oils. In this manner, you are able to experience the truest notes of the fragrance.

4. The common notion of smelling coffee between testing different fragrances to “reset your sense of smell” is a myth. If your fragrances contain alcohol, it numbs your sensitivity to new scents and needs time before it may regain its sensitivity to more delicate details.

5. Can’t decide between Eau De Toilette (EDT) or Eau De Parfum (EDP)? EDP has more stable and long-lasting qualities, while EDT fades quicker and needs to be re-applied often.

Speaking of long-lasting fragrances; Oud is often referred to as “liquid Gold”. We have our own collection of Dehnal Oud – often called the perfume of mystics, the wise and the aware.

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