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A guide to choosing the best attar for you

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A guide to choosing the best attar for you

An 'Attar' is an essential oil derived from the steam distillation of plant material. The word 'attar' originates from a botanical term, which is the name of a flower. This Latin name for flowers was adopted by Arabic and Persian scientists to describe flower-scented oils.

Choosing the right kind of attar is a very personal choice. It depends on the individual, their tastes and preferences.

 Attars consist of different types of fragrance oils along with alcohol and water. The scent and quality of an attar can vary dramatically depending on what ingredients are used in its production.

As with food, some people have strong opinions about scents that they like or dislike. Let's take a look at what makes a good attar so you can figure out how to choose the best attar for you.

1.Understanding Fragrance Notes

Go through the fragrance notes before selecting an attar. Understand the three principal divisions and how the fragrance of the attar evolves on your skin.

  1. Consider the value for money aspect.

Premium attars come at premium prices and with that comes the downside of higher pricing. This could be a mental block for people looking to purchase an attar. Going for a cheaper brand is not always the best option as you may regret it later. The cost-per-use in the case of the best brands is justifiable so consider that before you purchase your attar.

  1. Choose an attar that is alcohol-free

In general, attars that are alcohol-free are the best. Attars with alcohol will lose their scent faster than those without it. Therefore, reading about the absence or presence of alcohol would help you choose the attar that lasts longer. 

If you have been looking for premium luxury attars that have an ambrosial bouquet, Birra’s attar collection will make your choice easy. Birra’s attar collection is divided into 2 groups: the new pre-packed Wasif Collection and a general collection of attars that are displayed on decanters.

Head over to our product section to see and shop your favourite attars.

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