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The 5 Scents You Should Never Combine

By :Birra Fragrances 0 comments
The 5 Scents You Should Never Combine
They say trials and errors lead to great innovations and breakthroughs. But that’s never the case when it comes to mixing scents. Some lead to massive failures, even ruining the notes that set you apart from the rest. Here are 5 scents you should never combine.

Floral with woody

When at a pool or wine stomping party, you want to impress the crowd around you. Your personality will do the trick, but combining floral and woody scents wouldn’t. Floral perfumes release notes of roses and jasmines that are delicate and sweet, but a flower is never grown on soil. Woody scents such as sandalwood and cedarwood create an earthy and warm atmosphere. It’s best not to mix the two together. You might end up with a headache for yourself and the person beside you. It’s best to layer your floral scents with layers of vanilla to keep it simple.

Oud with fruity

The night has arrived to go on a memorable date, but mixing your ouds with fruity scents has just ruined it. Why do you ask? Because the deep and heavy notes that an Oud possesses has been overpowered by pears and berries, which is an absolute no-no. While Ouds have woody and sophisticated perspectives, fruity scents have juicy and playful vibes in them. You don’t want to mix maturity with childlike behaviour. Try woody scents that enhance the oud you have on, and smell like a million bucks.

Musk with vanilla

For the go-getters and thought-leaders. If you are of the like, musk scents shall make a statement for you, unless you decide to add vanilla to your base. That’s an absolute dead end. While musks are animalic in nature with a warm personality, vanilla is just, vanilla. You do not want to ruin your events with this combination. We recommend woody or even floral shall do the trick as it strikes a mild balance; but vanilla is a strict no.

Woody with oriental

A businesslike personality, woody scents contain sandalwood, pine, patchouli, vetiver and cedarwood. Woody fragrances are a bit drier and smokier in character with the addition of cedar, tobacco and burnt wood notes as well as fresh citrus notes to lighten the deep heart notes. Something that does not go along with it are oriental scents. Oriental fragrances usually use more exotic and unusual notes, including vanilla, cinnamon, orris, jasmine, orchid and orange blossom. For this reason, they often smell beautifully indulgent and luxurious.
Minty and floral

Minty scents such as spearmint & peppermint are sweet, spicy, and refreshing at the same time. A perfect companion for indoor parties and dates. Very attractive in nature and puts you in a better perspective than most people. But it would come tumbling down if it was blended with floral scents. Due to its powdery and flower-like notes, minty and floral scents go overboard, ruining each other and eventually giving you a headache.

Know your notes and keep them simple for any occasion. Shop at Birra and get the best of scents that make your moment.
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