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3 Sweet-Smelling Home Fragrances That Can Elevate Any Mood

By :Birra Fragrances 0 comments
3 Sweet-Smelling Home Fragrances That Can Elevate Any Mood
We’ve all got our personal favourites when it comes to fragrances. But there are no limits to the number of choices that exist, and if you are someone who loves trying new scents and perfumes, this one's for you!

Yes, Vanilla and Lavender are known to be the most common home fragrances of all times. But we have some more suggestions that are best suited for your homes, keep reading.


A fragrance could never remind you of home the way Eucalyptus does. This plant is so much more than its aroma. It not only repels bugs but it also acts as a cough relief and clears your chest.
When it comes to its aroma, Eucalyptus is strongly influenced by a camphorous and minty scent, with a touch of sweet honey too.


As the name suggests, lemongrass has a combined scent of lemony, grassy, earthy and sweet flavours. When used in heavy quantities, it can overpower all the other smells present in the room.
Lemongrass reduces stress and anxiety and also serves as an immediate cure for migraines.


The aroma creates a calming effect on your mind and body, it’s generally used by the practitioners of mindfulness and yoga. It has the most enchanting powers to bring your thoughts in place!
It’s scent is said to be similar to the orange blossom, except it is creamier and intense.
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