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The Benefits of Bakhoors

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The Benefits of Bakhoors

In our previous blog, we learnt about Bakhoors and how to use them. Let’s take a look at the history of Bakhoors. Where do they come from?

Bakhoor is the Arabic name given to scented woodchips soaked in perfume oils and mixed with natural ingredients like resins, sandalwood, and essential oils. 

These resins and wood chips are placed over hot charcoal in a brass chamber. These are used to purify and scent a room. 

Historically, Bakhoors are often associated with their ability to calm and relax the nervous system. They help in maximising focus and concentration, and also increase alertness. 

Bakhoors are great aroma therapy and they’re not gender-specific. Anyone and everyone who likes the aroma can use a bakhoor. 

In the Middle East, men and women burn Bakhoors to scent their homes and clothes with this beautiful lasting fragrance.

People walk around the whole house holding a bakhoor burner to spread and scatter the fragrance in all rooms. Along with this, they wave their clothes above the burner so that the scent permeates the cloth and picks up the scent. 

Bakhoors are also used as body perfumes by women through scenting themselves and their hair. This whole process is a very common practice in Arab homes on various occasions like weddings, Jumma Fridays, or when they’re expecting guests.

Another great benefit of Bakhoor is that they eliminate foul/stale odours. Be it the smell of tobacco, pets, or the lingering smell of cooked food like meats and fish. 

Another great, unspoken benefit of Bakhoors? Certain types inhaled in specific quantities are used to traditionally treat asthma, chest congestion, nausea, colic, kidney problems, thyroid cancer, and lung tumours.

The Oud oils, wood chips, and bakhoors have been around for a long time. From the time of Sanskrit, Toral, Gospel and Moslem scriptures, bakhoors have been used to calm the body and mind, and to invoke a feeling of harmony.

The benefits range from spiritual, pyschoactive, therapeutic, to medicinal. 

Find the perfect Bakhoor for you and your family, and indulge in the beautiful benefits it has to offer!

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