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Can fragrances uplift your mood?

By :Birra Fragrances 0 comments
Can fragrances uplift your mood?


Having a rather low day? You’d be surprised to know that the right fragrance can actually alleviate your troubles.

Scientific studies suggest that upon inhaling any scent, the brain’s limbic system is activated. This part of the brain also controls our memories and emotions.

Often, you see men react to certain perfumes strongly. More often than not, if you prod them about their reaction, they’d tell you that the perfume is similar to the one used by their mum, sister or dear friend.

The tendency to be drawn by a particular smell is often connected to an impactful memory of it, known as associative learning. The brain associates the scent smell with the way you felt then, triggering similar emotions.

Interestingly, a person who lived near a fish market and disliked the experience will have a strong distaste for the smell of fish. On the other hand, a person whose mother made delicious fish for lunch every day may have fond memories, finding fish to be fragrant. A reminder of a good memory is a powerful way to uplift your mood.

On the other hand, some aromas have a sure-shot emotional response because of their nature. At least this is what aromachology stands by. It recognises that certain flowers, fruits or plants have a particular effect on someone’s mood.

For example, lavender alleviates stress & anxiety while uplifting and relaxing your mood. Jasmine is soothing, and also acts as an aphrodisiac. Other commonly used mood boosters include rose, neroli, ylang ylang, sandalwood, peppermint and vanilla.

Perfumers and aromachologists have mastered the art of mixing the right aromas to trigger emotion through perfumes, colognes, attar or ittars, essential or perfume oil, room perfumes and many more.


What are you adding next to your exuberant collection?


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