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Essentially Oud Deo 200ml

Rs. 300.00

The original scent from the heart of Middle East. Essentially Oud contains the pure essence of oud oils, musk, and smoke, entrapped into a bottle for you. 聽

Oud Seduction Deo 200ml

Rs. 300.00

Feel like a million dollars with our Oud Seduction and turn heads wherever you go. This ravishing fragrance will bring out the best in you. 聽

Oud Sensation Deo 200ml

Rs. 300.00

This fragrance captures the essence of a plantation, originating in Assam. The intense fragrance is said to vary from warm and woody to smoky and sweet. 聽

Oud Arabica Deo 200ml

Rs. 300.00

Based in notes of musk and vanilla, the Oud Arabica has lighter tones of flora and nature. The perfect blend between the two, gives you this wonderfully scented unisex perfume.

Sheer Oud Deo 200ml

Rs. 300.00

Crafted for those who love the spotlight. This long-lasting scent is curated keeping in mind the delicate notes of beauty and power. 聽

Exuberance Deo 200ml

Rs. 300.00

A scent for the bold, authentic man. This deodorant is created for the one who loves wide-open spaces. A whiff of this is enough to transport you to fresh fields. 聽

Milano Deo 200ml

Rs. 300.00

With notes of lavendar, bergamot, and pink berries, this deodorant is perfect for the ones who chase that elegant Italian charm.

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