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A brief study on floral scents

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A brief study on floral scents

Flowers are used to provide a long- lasting scent in a perfume.  It has always been extraordinarily diverse in terms of their colours, shapes and most importantly their fragrances. Floral fragrances stand out  because of their complexity and uniqueness. In the olden days, distilled flowers and essential oils were mixed together in mixing bowls to make divine perfumes. Today’s favoured method of extracting essential oils from flowers and distillation was perfected by the Arabic civilization in the 8th century. Following which the art of perfumery made its way over to Europe, where these scented floral oils were blended in alcoholic solution to make the perfumes we are familiar with today.

So, how do flowers produce fragrance?

Flowers produce fragrance to attract pollinators. A flower’s scent is stored as essential oils within its petals. Usually, fragrances are made out of the scents found from jasmine, roses and  magnolias. Considered to be the most recognisable at first meeting with an individual, floral scents although largely olfactory, bring about a sensory experience to the one experiencing the scent.

Today, perfumes are increasingly made using synthetic chemicals. Often, scents that occur naturally are reproduced synthetically rather than naturally sourced and extracted. This allows the cost of producing perfume to go down, making it more accessible and affordable for the public. However, this can also lower the quality and value of the perfume. 

Our sense of smell is the most powerful of the five senses, making perfumes a very important part of our lives. The importance of scent has been around for a long time and with the coming in of new mixtures and combinations of fragrances, our lives will always have a new scent to look forward to!

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