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An Ode To Oud

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An Ode To Oud

The perfume community is growing. More and more people are discovering the art of perfumery, the oud industry is booming too with more and more ouds available in the market. Roughly translated 'oud' means wood. However, the term describes a number of different types of trees that produce resinous heartwood which can be distilled into essential oils.

With a rich history and a deep connection to the places they grow, Oudh and Attar are two fragrance genres that have been used for centuries across the Middle East. From traditional perfumes to modern innovations, these scents provide much more than just a way to smell good.

Oud is a precious, rare and exotic perfume ingredient that has been used in perfumery for centuries. It was first used by the ancient Egyptians, who discovered its powers as an antiseptic and analgesic over 4,000 years ago. Its name comes from the Arabic word 'al-ood' which translates to 'wood'. Oud is traditionally harvested from the Aquilaria malaccensis tree – a small evergreen with smooth bark and branches that grows in swampy conditions.

This ingredient has travelled across cultures and countries over the past 4 millennials.

It has become a subliminal part of the Islamic community. Dubai, one of the wealthiest capitals of the modern world is popularly known also known as the Oud Capital. Ajmal perfumes have been at the forefront in making Oud popular in Arab countries.

Similarly, in India, Birra fragrances have played an important role in popularising Oud. Birra has a wide range of Ouds catering to multiple fragrance choices of people. From Sheer Oud to Oud Arabica, every Oud fragrance from Birra provides an ambrosial bouquet to its users

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