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A brief study on the art of perfumery

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A brief study on the art of perfumery

Perfumery is the art of blending scents using different techniques, such as distillation, extraction and tincturing. They are created by mixing fragrant essential oils or floral absolutes with alcohol into a fixative solution.

The art of perfume making has been around for centuries and is one of humanity's oldest forms of artistic expression. Natural aromatic extracts and resins were used to make fragrances for spiritual and religious purposes. 

Scent predates even written language. It is an essential part of memory, as we connect smells with events in our lives and store them in. Over the last millennia, perfumers have considered these factors to craft ambrosial and everlasting fragrances. Therefore, understanding and preserving the art of perfumery holds utmost importance in this world.

Perfumes consist of a wide range of ingredients, and the combination of these ingredients can be affected by several factors. The most crucial factor is the person who will be wearing the perfume. Every individual's body chemistry varies. Here is where the art of perfumery comes into play.

With years of research and expertise, brands have mastered this art, Birra being one of these. All over the world, with 40 years of experience in the fragrance industry, the brand has excelled in making a wide array of perfumes for its customers 

If you have not checked out Birra’s fragrance collection, head to the product section to see the depth in our perfumery.

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