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Male, Female, and Unisex Scents: All that you need to know!

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Male, Female, and Unisex Scents: All that you need to know!

We have been indulging in different ways to stimulate our olfactory senses. Incense sticks, attar and other essential oils have been a part of the culture since the dawn of Ayurveda. Our indulgences have been realized by the global and local fragrance manufacturers essentially categorising scents into male and female fragrances. 

The primary reason behind this division for the players in the industry is market segregation and to sell universally accepted norms of masculinity and femininity to the people. Most of the brands in the fragrance industry are selling androgynous fragrances these days. Though, they have not ventured out of the gender-specific norm. 

The trend has shifted to unisex scents coming to the forefront. These fragrances contain woody, citrus or musk notes that work well on both genders. 

Female fragrances contain copious amounts of fruity and floral notes that fail to blend well with the male skin. 

Similarly, male fragrances consist of overpowering woody and citrus notes that don’t prosper with female sweat pheromones. 

The fragrances that work best for both sexes are where the floral and citrus notes don't overpower to be the leading note of the fragrance. 

Birra’s Oud Awsome certainly meets the olfactory needs of both genders. With its subtle undertones, this fragrance perfectly complements both male and female personalities. Available on the website, shop now!
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